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Experts Rate Job Sites

Here's the list of translators directories I know. Cups go for my rating of each of them:



Directory of Literary Translators






Jobs In Translation

  • After registration with this directory you will start to get spam. I would not recommend to register there. If you still want to do it, use a disposable e-mail address for registration. (NK)


  • Poor design. You can never send a bid for a project unless you become a paying member, the membership fee being higher than on TC, while the popularity and the number of jobs is way below as compared to the latter. (Ara Mkrtchyan, Post #136525)
  • Language123 is like a mystery to me too (something like in the Twilight Zone . <...> I could never bid because I wasn't a paying member (you can't access to much information about the job either if you don't pay). So one day I made up my mind after a very interesting project on Human Resources was posted... so I moved one step forward (now I don't know if I really moved forward ... but that's another story) and I became a paying member (wow now I could access to all that mysterious information behind that wall). <...> So the bidding/quoting game started, I answered to almost all the "leads", job postings are called "leads" in 123 universe... <...> So by the time my membership was about to expire I hardly answered the leads, I gave up, the system had defeated me.... my membership expired.. I got a few emails asking me for input, I didn't answer the emails.. but I'm still wondering.. is there anybody out there who really got a job at 123 answering to their leads? (Ana Brause, Post #136757)


Linguist Finder



  • At ProZ there is an artificial limitation based on the prices you report so that limits your freedom. You can browse the listings, of course, but you wouldn't be notified if there was a job that you might be interested in for some particular reason, if it wasn't up to your rate.

To rank high in a directory search for people in your combination, you have to play the KudoZ game. Rankings in the directory listings are determined first by whether or not you have paid for a membership and then by the number of points you have won. (Terry Waltz, Post #94439)

  • Proz is interesting in terms of exposure in view of the number of people registered there, I think it's by far the biggest translator's site online. (Sarah L, Post #94441)
  • I rarely use proz nowadays although I have not faced the unpleasantness <...>. The main reason I never felt at home is the colour combinations which makes me feel as though I'm walking the corridors of some sterile hospital.
  • I cannot recommend membership at ProZ to anyone at this point <...>.

If ProZ were able to upgrade itself to the point I felt it showed it is serious about running a business and treating all customers alike, providing agreed upon services for payment, then I'd gladly recommend them as a tool to our profession. At present, I believe that it is merely being run as a personal fiefdom -- "rule of man" vs "rule of law". This is a concern because without a reliably enforced system of rules, you have no idea when your functions may be cut off without notification, thereby affecting your business. I believe this has happened to a number of paying members since June. (Terry Waltz, Post #98657)

  • The professionalism problem at ProZ unfortunately seems to stem from one particular individual above the "staff", who can't quite make the leap from private fiefdom to commercial enterprise. It's really too bad, because freelancers might prefer to pay one flat fee annually rather than a per-job commission to get work, but how can they feel confident in so doing when one person has the ability to arbitrarily do with their information, profile, communication abilities, and so on as he will on any given day, for absolutely no justifiable reason other than his own personal pique? One guy with his hands on the keys to the linguistic gulag, so to speak. (Terry Waltz, Post #106579)


  • It is just a list, you can subscribe for some 35 Euros per year but as far as I see it's mostly German... There are no orders listed, no bidding stories but those who have an order can explain it and send a mail to those translators they chose. (Daniela Hubrich, Post #99264)




  • One of the worst, useless and at the same time aggressive directories I have ever seen. In more details you can read about them in the forum thread called Translatorsbase.com. (NK)


Translator Planet

Added recently Translator's Corner


  • TC is very user friendly and it is easy to reach a wide range of clientele throughout the world. TC is always aesthetically pleasing. Anatoly is most helpful and he has done the next to impossible in creating a free and fairly fair platform for the translation community at large. His unceasing efforts to refine functions wins him my most heartfelt admiration.

    TC offers a range of help regarding most questions that those engaged in the various aspects of the field of translation would need to ask. I look forwards to the day when these valuable tips could be collated in one place on TC and be more easily accessible since they are at present scattered more or less randomly amidst our various ramblings. (Gita Surya, Post #94604)

  • I like the freedom of speech at TC. (Elena Sgarbossa, Post #94668)

  • I'm glad I discovered TC back in April. Lot's of good advice, language-related discussions. (Eric Gross, Post #94718)

  • I like TranslatorsCafe the best. I get to see what's going on in the world of linguists. It's professional yet enjoyable (freedom to express yourself) without so much scrutinizing.

I enjoy reading the different forums. It's nice to get the different perspectives from the other countries and cultures and nationalities. It's so interesting. (Emily S.C., Post #98658)

  • I like TC because it makes me feel as a human being who translates, and not a machine-like one focusing only on money and technical matters... Translation is a bit more than that and TC allows humanity while remaining professional.

There are very very good customers and agencies hiring through TC. No bid, direct contacts. Well, at least in my language pairs. At the end, I have Arab colleagues who decided to pay their memebership here, but are not members of Proz yet. It says something... (Abdelouadoud El Omrani, Post #99229)

  • TC is my favorite. <...> I agree the humanity of this site plus the global flavoring really will help me decide where to put my hard earned clams when the day comes to invest in a translator directory membership. (Eric Gross, Post #99235)

  • My favorite site is TC. I signed up for Proz, but TC is the site I feel most comfortable with. I almost feel as if I knew everybody here! (Mariana Roca, Post #99269)

  • I have really profited from TranslatosCafe, where as it has been said the atmosphere is friendly and welcoming, and from ProZ. In both Websites I have had the opportunity of bidding for jobs. <...> Besides, in both websites I've received help with words or phrases I couldn't work out how to express in the target language.

    As regards the other online directories I keep receiving job opportunities but most of them don't have the delayed access possibility so it's useless. <...>

    I am really pleased to be able to participate in TC fora, which are absolutely advantageous and enjoyable at the same time. (Marisa Paván, Post #136762)


  • Be careful: people behind this site like to send primitive spam. After registration you will regularly receive messages of this kind: 'Dear Agency/Translator, please visit our site to post or bid on projects in your language combination.' I've never seen any usable project over there. (NK)
  • As Nikita has commented, it's true what happens with TransQuotation, you're invited to bid all the time but when you want to do so, you're not allowed for not being a paying member. It's senseless. (Marisa Paván, Post #136762)
  • Largely (if not exclusively) exists on job postings stolen from other sites. ProZ receive countless complaints from job posters complaining that they receive quotations from Trasquotation, though they never have published their job there. (Uldis Liepkalns, Post #136764)

    The definite leaders are:

    ProZ (technically elaborated but with unpleasant atmosphere)

    TranslatorsCafe (has great atmosphere but needs some technical development)
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