6 mar. 2010

Find Out If You Are Up For The Challenge Of Freelancing

Lately, freelancing is being referred to like it is a fashion statement. Striking out on your own is the way to go, and without the worry of a boss breathing over your shoulder. Freelancing is a way to earn a decent living and excel in your chosen field, but only if you pursue it for all the right reasons. In these tough economic times, the thought of starting a business sounds like a good idea. We all have to pay the bills! But choosing to freelance out of desperation or because it is "the thing to do" can lead to a messy situation.

There is a myth going around that freelancers wake up when they want, stay in their jammies, put out some work when the mood hits them and the money comes rolling in. This is far from the truth. For freelancing to work in your favor you have to be willing to work harder than you would at a traditional 9-5. A true freelancer is like being the pilot on a cessna jet. You wear all of the hats from departure to destination. During your waking hours your job is full with meeting deadlines, networking, looking for more projects, sales, marketing, accounting, admin...you name it. Whatever has to be done, you're the one to do it. Then there are the distractions. Since you work from home, you have all the time in the world to chat it up or take care of the needs of others. In order to stay productive, you have to get a little stern in this department. When you respect your work, others will too.

Freelancing can be exciting and rewarding when approached with a productive, positive, and realistic attitude. You have to ask yourself, "Am I up for this challenge?" To help answer this question, and several others, check out "15 draw backs working as a full-time freelancer" from Guerrilla Freelancing. The author, along with some cool people on twitter, compiled this great list.

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Source: Freedomlance Inc.

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